Round House Bar, Park Hotel, Red Moon and Misty Bay Boutique

This image provides an example of 4 different application. Please visit the bar, hotel, outside restaurant and the clothing boutique. It is a great example of whatever your space has to offer, 3D can provide breathtaking views that set your venue part from the others.

Rosary Cathedral Hallway Ceilings, Walls, Stations of the Cross and the balcony

Rosary Cathedral was opened in 1932 and is the only Spanish style church in the United States. From ground level the view can never be fully appreciated. This image also incorporates some very interesting images from the balcony showing the diversity of 3D imaging.

The University of Toledo’s Glass Bowl Stadium

This view captures the entire football field in 3D. If you open the blue tags above the stands and at the locker room, 3 images, the Larimer Athletic Complex the Suites at the top of the stadium and the playing field are all one. Yes we can capture sports fields!

The Whitney

This restaurant is the converted mansion of the richest man in Detroit prior to the automotive revolution. His fortune was made from lumber industry. The imaging of this elegant home now restaurant affords complex details that even the owner did not know were there.

Cannaley Treehouse Village, Toledo Metroparks

The Nelsons Treehouse company, popularized by their TV show, built the first treehouse in the new village. Please note the colored circles that, once clicked, provide answers to frequently asked questions, a video of how the house was built and 3D tours of 2 other near by locations in case these are sold out.